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Almost every decision by every company or government agency has an effect on the value of land somewhere. Changes in the local unemployment rate, crime rate, exam results at a school, train fares, planning law, building renovation next-door – all can change the market price of properties that have not themselves changed in any way. It is the locations that have changed in value.

‘Landvaluescape’ is constantly changing over time and space. Locations change value because of human activities somewhere else, near or far away.

We seem to have no way, at present, of monitoring these changes, despite the fact that they are changing the wealth of every individual and community owning and using land – usually undeservedly. In a finite planet, the more crowded and consumerised we become, the more valuable the land is as a proportion of the total economy. Although not a ‘land based economy’ any longer, land values have never mattered more!

We tax people and production through which we create wealth. We fail to tax land, to which all surplus wealth accrues. And we then wonder why producers and high-earners move themselves and their assets abroad!

There is increasing awareness that governments will have to depend more for their revenue on taxation of immovables like land and less on taxation of production. Sustainability of revenue sources and taxation to promote sustainable development are linked to globalisation of trade and the money system.

We cannot go on like this. Nor need we, because technology has come to our aid. Computerised maps, spatial analysis of geographic variables, more open access to property market data, the internet – these now make it possible to model changes in location.

Answers to many of the questions posed concerning land valuation, mapping and taxation can be found in Dr Vickers' 2009 PhD thesis, where the word Landvaluescape was first extensively used.

Any questions or comments? Send them to info@landvaluescape.org

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