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The Mission of PLRG is "To debate and develop ideas and policies on land use and tax reform, among professionals of all kinds, in order to promote land value capture to finance infrastructure and the fair and efficient use of all natural resources on a sustainable basis."

Officers of the PLRG are:

  • Dave Wetzel, Chair PLRG
  • Professor Munir Morad, Vice Chair PLRG
  • Dr Tony Vickers, Hon. Secretary PLRG
  • John Pincham, Hon. Treasurer PLRG

We are a membership organisation.
To have a say in what we do and how we do it, join us.

If you are interested in promoting or participating in research about Land Value Capture, please join PLRG now. We accept members from anywhere in the world, however we are currently only active in the UK - mainly south-east England. We hold about six meetings a year in Central London and maintain this website as a means of networking among - and spreading news of interest to - our members.

By joining PLRG, you help us to pay for venues, speakers' expenses, and the cost of the website. We also hope soon to organise a weekend seminar and publish professional peer-reviewed papers for journals.

We suggest an annual subscription of £10 (ten pounds sterling) but can take donations of any amount.

Follow the Paypal links below to subscribe online or contact membership@landvaluescape.org for details of alternative payment methods.

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PLRG, c/o Ashmoore House, 62 Craven Road, Newbury, Berkshire, RG14 5NJ. Tel 01635 230046.

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