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The PROFESSIONAL LAND REFORM GROUP - exploring the LandValueScape of Land & Property Tax Policy

LandValueScape is a word coined by PLRG co-founder Dr Tony Vickers to describe how modern methods of property valuation and computer mapping can reveal how Location Matters to every society. Through 'revealing the Landvaluescape', society can gain a better understanding of why Land Value needs to be restored to those who create it - which is never the landowner per se.

PLRG is a network of mainly UK-based professionals interested in learning about and developing new ways of doing that.

We are a membership organisation but we also welcome affiliates who wish merely to receive our newsletter electronically. See Contact Form.

Our activities include regular meetings, hosted by London South Bank University; research bids and reports on research by others worldwide; comment on relevant news, academic and professional developments and other events; advice and support to campaign groups working for economic justice; and providing speakers and lecturers to a wide range of organisations.

We are independent of any particular profession or political party but provide a forum for inter-disciplinary and cross-party exchange of ideas in this field.

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PLRG, c/o Ashmoore House, 62 Craven Road, Newbury, Berkshire, RG14 5NJ. Tel 01635 230046.

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